Friday, July 10, 2009

    Sushi-Fest 2009

    Shogun 27. Kendall Park, NJ. If you like sushi (and I'm talking sushi sushi -- medium to high-grade fish -- not that grocery store crap...) you need to go there NOW!

    They are currently offering the most incredible sushi deal around. Seriously! Check out what my wife and I ate tonight (or should I say, what we were served tonight. We were only able to make a small dent into what was offered):

    • 2 cups of miso soup
    • 2 house salads
    • 2 pieces of tuna sushi
    • 2 pieces of salmon sushi
    • 2 pieces of yellow tail sushi
    • 2 pieces of white fish sushi
    • 2 pieces of crab sushi
    • 2 pieces of mackerel
    • 2 pieces of Spanish mackerel sushi
    • 2 pieces of white tuna sushi
    • 2 pieces of surf clam sushi
    • 2 pieces of shrimp sushi
    • 1 tuna roll
    • 1 salmon roll
    • 1 yellow tail roll
    • 1 cucumber roll
    • 1 spicy tuna roll
    • 2 scoops of ice cream
    How much was this feast?


    That's it! Isn't that crazy? Let's take a closer look at the math, shall we?

    According to the menu, these are the amounts one would normally spend:

    • 20 pieces of sushi -- $50.85
    • 5 sushi rolls -- $28.20
    • 2 miso soups -- $4.30
    • 2 house salads -- $3.90
    • 2 ice creams -- $6.50
    • GRAND TOTAL -- $93.75
    • (What we paid -- $37.95)
    • TOTAL SAVINGS -- $55.80!!!

    We were completely floored at the amount of quality food that we received. I'd write more, but I'm still reeling from the meal.

    Bottom line: If you like sushi and live in central Jersey, GO TO SHOGUN 27!!!

    Link to Shogun 27 site.

    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    My (Projected) 4th of July Menu...

    Here's what I'm hoping to make for the 4th of July (as long as I can get out and purchase all of the ingredients...) Follow the links for the complete recipes.


    Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel with Wasabi Creme Fraiche
    (via Voodoo Kitchen)


    Cucumber and Tomato Salad (via What's Cooking in the Orange Kitchen)


    Spicy Black Bean and Fresh Cilantro Wraps (via lick my balsamic.)


    The Double Grilled (Ostrich and/or Turkey) Cheese Burger (via Dunkin Cooking the Semi-Homemade Way)

    Oh! And to drink...

    Mikey's Mule (a Variation of the Raspberry Mule) (via Mix Shake and Pour)

    Oh, yeah...This should be good!