Sunday, February 21, 2010

    CD Review: Joanna Newsom - "Have One On Me" ★★★★½

    Until this point, people have held two very distinct opinions of Ms. Joanna Newsom: love her or hate her. (For the record, I'm of the former opinion. My wife, the opposite.) Her voice seemed to be the major factor in this determination -- it, being a cross between Kate Bush and a Muppet being chased down a dark alley. With the upcoming release of "Have One On Me", however, I believe the naysayers are going to, well, change their tune.

    The primary reason for this is that Newsom has tempered her voice to a (slightly) more normal and acceptable range. Now, instead of Kate Bush meets a Muppet, it's more like Kate Bush meets Joni Mitchell. This doesn't mean that this album is an easy listen -- it's not! In fact, this is an album that is nearly impossible to get through in one sitting. The reason? It's contains over two hours of music spread over three CDs! But don't let that keep you from giving "Have One On Me" a try. It's the best of her career and deserves your attention -- though I'm pretty sure my wife is still going to hate it.

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